14 July 2005


See the annoying gap between this post and the next?

It's obviously related to the sidebar somehow, but I don't know CSS well enough to know how to fix it. If anyone has ideas about fixing this, please let me know.


ilya said...

i suggest downloading an HTML editor like
macromedia dreamweaver, and just copying and pasting your template into that. more likely than you can fix the problem graphically right away. My guess is that it is a tables layout issue, rather than CSS but I could be wrong.

Kaveh said...

Look at your main page(as seen in any browser). Scroll down until you see a segment in verbatim markup ("to the (public) editor " entry). Browsers render this part as is. Therefore there has been no text wrapping in that section and you ended up with a very very long line coming from the dictionary entry. Just insert a few line breaks and you should be fine.

aram harrow said...


the problem is tags that say <div style="clear:both"...>

i got rid of them on the main page by changing the "enable float alignment" (under formatting) to "no."

i'll try to blog about more interesting things now...

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