01 May 2005

That was worse than a crime; it was a mistake

Not as entertaining as the sewer rat letter, but hopefully clearer.
To the Editor,

The May 1 op-ed "The war we could have won" ignores the staggering immorality of killing 2-4 million people who posed (let's be honest) no threat to the U.S. Imagine how Germans today would feel about speculation that the Final Solution was actually not such a hopeless goal.

It's hard to admit that Americans were on the wrong side of history, so that a defeat for the U.S. was a victory for humanity. However, like Germany, Japan and other nations with war crimes in their past, we need to ground our public discourse in honest remorse for our crimes before going on to speculate about how to fight more effectively.


Aram Harrow

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Suz said...

Can you enable trackbacks? And why did you switch from Haloscan? Anyway, check out the lame letters the NYT _did_ publish, when they could have published yours or mine.